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Empowering Your Sex Life

Before getting to sex, you should focus on finding love – check out our definition of love here.

Has your sex drive or sex tempo lowered? Lack of interest in sex could be due various factors.

Try to keep a daily diary about your sex-life and also talk with your physician about your sex problems. You will never be able to figure everything out on your own, so rely on the experts to help you out. The truth is that something as simple as particular painkiller you are taking, or even an allergy, could be the case of your declining libido. For women, many of the hormones in the body can play a role in lowering your sex drive as well.

However, you can remedy this to a certain extent by explicitly adding fun and excitement to the bedroom via sex toys, making everything new and interesting like it used to be back when you were younger. And thanks to online stores like Blissful Cherry, you can get these sex toys shipped right to your doorstep! It will be like you are having sex for the first time in many cases. It’s all completely safe, and best of all you can venture out into this avenue at you and your partner’s own pace.

If you were very sexually active for a year or longer leading up to your decline in libido, especially if you were having lots of oral intercourse in addition to regular vaginal intercourse, you may just need to take a break and wait for a few weeks for your libido to recover.

If you’re a man, try not to smoke. Smoking cools your body’s metabolic rate just like sex pills kill your sex drive. See your physician for a yearly T.I.M. needs. This can be homework if you have a vasectomy, which may be prevented by the sooner you get one, the less likely the blow-up after the initial flush of choosing disposable alternatives.

Ensure that adequate rest is given to the body in general. Chronic stress and lack of sleep put the body into a state of low availability of energy. Check out a good place for a foot massage… Who doesn’t want to feel pampered, right? Also remove all traces of garlic from garlic shampoo and you will immediately have higher sex positivity.

The more sex a couple has the higher the chances that they will have successful pregnancies so consider this if you really want to empower your sex life. Try to make a joint commitment to do something sexual every night of the week if you are not married. Since so many neglect their marriages and become only sexually involved with one person, and not be with others at all, we realize that many men accept many womanly roles and bestow many gifts upon their partners. But love is a give-and-take mechanism.

Read up on safe sex practices and actually make sure to implement them in your daily sex life. You may also want to find a good sex therapist who helps you overcome sexual dysfunction if that sort of thing is afflicting you. And don’t be a hypocrite if you know some things are wrong. Try to fix what’s broken, but otherwise simply enjoy your sex life with your partner and stop looking for the next cure if things are going well. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, especially after you apply these great tips to empower your sex life with you and your lover.