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Marriage is a special moment for any couple who truly loves each other, but it is especially significant to the those in the Jewish community who take marriage very seriously.

For those who aren’t aware, the Ketubah is an integral part of any Jewish marriage, and acts a sort of legal document to clearly define the marriage from top to bottom. We discuss this topic fairly extensively if you want to know more (parts one AND two!)

In any case, the ketubah is a great symbol for the seriousness of marriage, and is something that all serious couples should be able to relate to, whether you come from a Jewish family or otherwise. is our site dedicated to the spirit of long-lasting marriage and healthy and beautiful romantic relationship (the kind that can only lead to marriage if kept on the right path).

For people of all religious backgrounds, and for all people who truly believe in love, we provide useful content that will help you navigate the world of love, with marriage being the ultimately end goal always.

We kindly ask that anyone who engages in our site, including our amazing writing staff that you leave religious arguments out of it, plain and simple.

Our writers are almost predominantly Jewish, but we created this site to focus on love, not religion. So leave any religious commentary at the virtual door please.

And with those caveats mentioned and out of the way, all that’s left is to welcome you to our site.

If you’re new here, we suggest checking out two of our flagship articles on love and sex respectively to get you settled in.

Thanks for visiting!