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Defining Love

Love begins with you! You must love yourself in order to love others – that is something you must always remember.

Some people say that this is not true, due to their own insecurities, but others say that, quote, “You can’t love yourself without the love that you give to others.” Is this true?

They even tell you to do good and not to blame yourself. The idea of creation screams at us, and we individualize ourselves. We can’t invest ourselves into another person.

And yet, if we turn away the crying child in us, we may find that we need to love others in a large external way for our individual egos to be complete. So much of personal transformation begins with increasing the level of self-love we put into our personal identities. To love your parent, your child, your partner, your friends, your car, your office.

So that’s it. A decision to embrace love, to help other exiles of your self-love, to give and receiving love. The long-term risk of social rejection if we abandon the love and payment together.

No one can tell me that love and payment requires that we abandon ourselves in order to receive love. Whatever may be the path that leads to an individualization of our selves on this planet, the capacity of each individual to love themselves in return must be part of our own personal transformation. When we choose a path that finds our personal connection and love with others, it provides the foundation for a cooperative, self-giving and self-sufficient society.

In other words, our path to becoming the kind of individual we’ve always needed must grow out of our capacity to give and receive love, the ability to be good people with something to give to another, and the capacity to love our own society.

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