Ketubah Collections


This collection galvanizes the most innovative design minds of our time to reimagine the ketubah. New Ketubah is teaming up with renowned contemporary designers to produce ketubot unlike any you've ever seen, starting with Oded Ezer.

Classic Ketubah

A collection for the modern couple. Simple, elegant designs with contemporary sensibilities. Each piece is a limited edition print with stitched detailing for a handcrafted touch.

Union Ketubah

Turn any art into a ketubah! A versatile design that allows you to pair a treasured photo or favorite artwork with any text. Just switch out one of the panels with an 8 x 10 you love and you’re ready to frame.

Keepsake Ketubah

A hardbound keepsake to keep with your wedding album. Who says a ketubah needs to hang on your wall? This design travels and stores well inside a gorgeous linen binding.